Computational Robotics

Singularity-Aware Design Optimization for Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Spatial Linkages

A singularity-aware design optimization for spatial multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical linkages.

Stylized Robotic Clay Sculpting

A computational tool for stylized robotic clay sculpting.

Design and Control of Soft Robots Using Differentiable Simulation

A review on the use of differentiable simulation for computational design and control problems in soft robotics.

A Versatile Inverse Kinematics Formulation for Retargeting Motions onto Robots with Kinematic Loops

A versatile inverse kinematics formulation for the retargeting of expressive motions onto mechanical systems with kinematic loops.

Automated Routing of Muscle Fibers for Soft Robots

A computational approach for routing artificial muscle actuators through hyperelastic soft robots, in order to achieve a desired deformation behavior.

RobotSculptor: Artist-Directed Robotic Sculpting of Clay

A computational design tool for robotically sculpted clay models.

ADD: Analytically Differentiable Dynamics for Multi-Body Systems with Frictional Contact

Differentiable dynamics for frictional contact handling in flexible multibody systems.

Active Learning for Accelerated Interactive Physical Facial Performance Design

A practical neural computational approach for interactive design of animatronic facial performances.

MakeSense: Automated Sensor Design for Proprioceptive Soft Robots

A computational method for augmenting soft robots with proprioceptive sensing capabilities.

Simulation-Ready Characterization of Soft Robotic Materials

An inverse finite element approach that enables the simulation-ready characterization of soft robotic materials from uniaxial test data.